Dominic Massaro

Dominic MassaroWelcome to my home page. Please utilize the links here and above to navigate through the site.

We have two new iPhone/iPad applications with Baldi speaking Arabic and Spanish. They are called iBaldiArabic and iBaldiSpanish. Check out all of our applications at Psyentific Mind. The include¬† Read What I Say and Read with Me! The first is for enhancing communication in conversations and the second facilitates the process on very young children learning to read naturally. You can also check out our research in the Perceptual Science Laboratory, our applications with Baldi, our computer animated face, our newly formed company Psyentific Mind Inc, current research projects on iGlasses and on Early Literacy. Take a peak at the Kid Klok, a easy-to-read analog clock for children. We now also have the Kid Klok on Android devices. There is publication and bibliographic information,¬† some press coverage we’ve had concerning our research, the book reviews in the American Journal of Psychology, and the publications in Interpreting during my tenure as co-Editor. You can also view my home page on Wikipedia.

My goal in teaching is to instill in students a sense of wonder about mind and behavior and how questions can be tackled using critical thinking and scientific principles. To impress upon students and peers the fallacies that so easily entrap us, I created a Survey of Psychological Literacy that reveals these entrapments. Several of my courses and my scholarship activities are aimed at not only revealing these entrapments but also providing strategies of critical thinking to overcome them.