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(Book Review Editor - Dominic W. Massaro)

The American Journal of Psychology reviews books in various areas of cognitive/experimental psychology, philosophy of mind and science, neuroscience, and cognitive science more generally. Given our page limitations, we must be selective about what books we review. Rather than duplicate to some extent book review journals such as Contemporary Psychology, we are seeking a somewhat more ambitious type of book review. We aim to review books that present a latest statement in some area of interest. The goal of the book review would be to include within the context of the review the reviewer's opinion on the state of the art, important questions, productive and not-so-productive approaches to the questions, and prospects for future inquiry. Although the review is open-ended, the target length might be somewhere between 1500 and 3000 words. This charge should be much more challenging and enjoyable than a prototypical book review. In addition to soliciting authors or reviews for specific books of our choosing, we will also consider proposals from reviewers. Scholars interested in reviewing books for the journal should inform the book review editor. Scholars are also encouraged to submit a proposal for a book they would like to review for the journal. Publishers who would like their books considered for a review should send a review copy directly to the book review editor.

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