Puzzles of Time, A Handbook for the New Millennium is designed for young people ages 12-25 and contains a wide range of accessible time-related problems and their solutions drawn from biology, astronomy, psychology, physics and the everyday life of reflective people.

The 70 pages of this book are reader-friendly and guides inquiry through an engaging narrative. In fact, we provide an exploration of time as a fascinating subject that prompts dialogue about history, metaphor, imagination, disciplined and sometimes courageous inquiry, and the limits of commonsense and intuition.

This book is meant to inspire and celebrate curiosity, encourage readers to ask hard questions, and invoke intelligence and imagination in grappling with mysteries. We conclude the book by saying, "As you continue your exploration, you'll find that to be intrigued by this subject is also to be intrigued by the world." Sample pages in PDF: Is time like sound? and Time flies like an arrow.

Dom Massaro is Professor of Psychology at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He is the inventor of Kid Klok™, an educational easy-to-read analog clock for children. Don Rothman is Professor of Literature at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Bill Rowe is Research Scientist and Graphic Artist at the Santa Cruz Institute for Particle Physics.

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