Time to Learn About Time invites children and adults to explore together the fascinating history of time measurement. Attentive to how language itself reveals the evolution of our conception of time, this delightfully illustrated book journeys from ancient sundials to water clocks, hourglasses, mechanical and, finally, atomic clocks. It makes a strong case for preserving and improving on "old fashioned" analog clocks, showing how useful they are and how much one learns from them about the nature of time.

The 70 pages of this book prompts kids (ages 8 and up) who are curious about time to investigate everyday realities such as time zones, egg timers, second hands and town clocks, Time to Learn About Time will stimulate intergenerational dialogue and heighten children's observations.

Written by a psychologist and a writing teacher in close collaboration with a science ilustrator, this book honors human ingenuity and, in child-friendly ways, poses wonderfully down-to-earth questions about the remarkable history of time measurement. Recommended for classrooms and for parent-child partnerships in learning. Sample pages in PDF: Long and Short Vowels, Boiling Eggs, and Learning to Tell Analog Time.

Dom Massaro is Professor of Psychology at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He is the inventor of an educational easy-to-read analog clock for children, and this book grew out of the interesting and intriguing material he uncovered to patent Kid Klok™. Donald Rothman is Professor of Literature at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Bill Rowe is Research Scientist and Graphic Artist at the Santa Cruz Institute for Particle Physics. Click here to read a recent review.

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