List of Visited FTP Sites Containing Public Domain Software for the SGI Platform

The following list was compiled by Bill Henderson of Silicon Graphics. The list consists of known archives that contain Public Domain software for SGI machines that is available via ftp. We are reasonably satisfied the software listed below is "make-able" and "run-able" "as is" on SGI machines with very little or no tweaking necessary. The ftp sites include both source and executables of GL and X-based software, as well as some non-graphical software. Have fun, and if you have any feedback (good or bad) on the list or the software you find in the list we would like to hear about it. Please send your comments to either Bill Henderson ( or Jim Terhorst (

This file contains a list of known archives that contain software for the SGI IRIS machines. All of these machines can be reached via anonymous ftp.

If you have any additions or corrections to this list, please send them to

Revised: July 02, 1994

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