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(Book Review Editor – Dominic W. Massaro)

The American Journal of Psychology reviews books in various areas of cognitive/experimental psychology, philosophy of mind and science, neuroscience, and cognitive science more generally. Given our page limitations, we must be selective about what books we review. Rather than duplicate to some extent book review journals such as Contemporary Psychology, we are seeking a somewhat more ambitious type of book review. We aim to review books that present a latest statement in some area of interest. The goal of the book review would be to include within the context of the review the reviewer’s opinion on the state of the art, important questions, productive and not-so-productive approaches to the questions, and prospects for future inquiry. Although the review is open-ended, the target length might be somewhere between 1500 and 3000 words. This charge should be much more challenging and enjoyable than a prototypical book review. In addition to soliciting authors or reviews for specific books of our choosing, we will also consider proposals from reviewers. Scholars interested in reviewing books for the journal should inform the book review editor. Scholars are also encouraged to submit a proposal for a book they would like to review for the journal. Publishers who would like their books considered for a review should send a review copy directly to the book review editor.

BOOK REVIEWS         AJP, 128.3, Fall 2015   Edited by Dominic W. Massaro
Walter Isaacson. The Innovators: How a Group of Hackers, Geniuses, and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution
<SC>dean keith simonton<NM>
David Tall. How Humans Learn to Think Mathematically: Exploring The Three Worlds of Mathematics
<SC>joseph mazur<NM>
Joseph Mazur .Enlightening Symbols: A Short History of Mathematical Notation and its Hidden Powers
<SC>david tall<NM>
<SC>allison n. kurti<NM>

BOOK REVIEWS         AJP, 128.4, Winter 2015   Edited by Dominic W. Massaro

Big Myth or Major Miss? Gregory Hickok’s “The Myth of Mirror Neurons: The Real Neuroscience of Communication and Cognition”
Arthur M. Glenberg

A curious book on mirror neurons and their myth
Review of Gregory Hickok’s “The Myth of Mirror Neurons: The Real Neuroscience of Communication and Cognition”
G. Rizzolatti & C. Sinigaglia

A Curious Commentary on a Book on Mirror Neurons and Other Tales of Scientific Misses: Response to Rizzolatti & Sinigaglia and to Glenberg
Gregory Hickok

A Reply to Hickok
G. Rizzolatti & C. Sinigaglia

A Chacun Son
Words Onscreen: The Fate of Reading in a Digital World
By Naomi S. Baron. New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 2015
Dominic W. Massaro

BOOK REVIEWS         AJP, 129.1, Spring 2016   Edited by Dominic W. Massaro

What psychologists should know about the philosophy of science. Review of Investigating the Psychological World: Scientific Method in the Behavioral Sciences (2014). by Brian D. Haig, Cambridge, MA: Bradford/MIT. Review by Gregory J. Feist and Michael E. Gorman

The Psychology of Science has Arrived. Handbook of the Psychology of Science. By Gregory J. Feist and Michael E. Gorman (Eds.). New York: Springer, 2013, 526 pp. Cloth, $00.00. Review by Brian D. Haig,

Chasing the Rubicon? by Michael C. Frank. Review of Chaser: Unlocking the Genius of the Dog Who Knows a Thousand Words by John Pilley.

Dispelling Myths about the Relationship between Language and Thought
Dom Massaro and Bill Rowe Review of
The Language Hoax: Why The World Looks The Same In Any Language
John H. McWhorter Oxford University Press 2014. Pages xx, 182.

 AJP, 129.2, Summer 2016   Edited by Dominic W. Massaro

Happiness: A Theory of Relativity
Review of ‘The myths of happiness:
What should make you happy, but doesn’t, what shouldn’t make you happy, but does.’
by Lyubomirsky, S.
Review by Patrick R. Heck & Joachim I. Krueger

Recent Developments in Global-Matching Models of Episodic Memory                               A Partial Review of Cognitive Modeling in Perception and Memory: A Festschrift for Richard M. Shiffrin. Raaijmakers, J.G.W, Criss, A.H., Goldstone, R.L, Nosofsky, R.M., and Steyvers, M. (Eds.)                                                                                                                Review by Kenneth J. Malmberg

Seeing, Knowing, and Understanding: Intersecting Paths Between Art and Science
Eye of the Beholder: Johannes Vermeer, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, and the Reinvention of Seeing
By Laura J. Snyder, New York, NY, W. W. Norton & Company, 2015, 448 pages, Hardcover: $27.95
Review by Art Shimamura

Godly and Godless Morality.
The Bonobo and the Atheist. In Search of Humanism Among the Primates
By Frans de Waal, W. W. Norton & Company, New York, NY, 289 pp., Hardcover, $27.95.
Review by Russell H. Tuttle

Why We Need the Imagination to Help Us with Emotional Uncertainty?Review of Mindvaults: Sociocultural Grounds for Pretending and Imagining. Review By Radu Bogdan. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 2013. 236 pp. Hardback, $35.

Out of Character: What Literary Modernism and Modern Psychology Can Take from Each Other. Review of Omri Moses, Out of Character: Modernism, Vitalism, Psychic Life (Stanford: Stanford UP, 2014). Review by Angus Fletcher.

Out of Character: What Literary Modernism and Modern Psychology Can Take from
Each Other Review of Omri Moses, Out of Character: Modernism, Vitalism, Psychic Life (Stanford: Stanford UP, 2014). Review by Angus Fletcher.

 AJP, 129.3, Fall 2016   Edited by Dominic W. Massaro

What Does it Mean to be a Child? Review of David Lancy, The Anthropology of Childhood: Cherubs, Chattel, and Changelings. Cambridge University Press, 2015; ISBN 978-1-107-42098-4 (Paperback). Reveiw by David Bjorklund.

Only Connect: What the Internet Might be Doing to Us
Mind Change: How Digital Technologies are Leaving Their Mark on Our Brains.
By Susan Greenfield. New York, NY: Random House, 2015.
348 pp. Hardcover, $28.00; ebook, $13.99.
Review by Naomi S. Baron

Prospection and the Integrative Capacities of the Prefrontal Cortex: A contemporary synthesis
The Prefrontal Cortex (Fifth Edition)
By Joaquín Fuster, Academic Press, 2015
Review by Heidi Meyer

The Quest for Coherence
Review of Inferences During Reading
Editors: Edward J. O’Brien, Anne E. Cook & Robert F. Lorch, Jr.
Review by: Deslea Konza

The Joys of Innovation
Animal Creativity and Innovation
By Allison B. Kaufman and James C. Kaufman (eds.). San Diego: Academic Press, 2015, 538 pages. ISBN: 978-0-12-800648-1. Cloth, $53; digital, $53.
Review by Peter R. Killeen
Arizona State University

When masks reveal more than they hide: A review of Talis Bachmann and Gregory Francis’ Visual Masking: Studying Perception, Attention, and Consciousness. Review by Stephanie C. Goodhew

AJP, 129.4 Winter 2016   Edited by Dominic W. Massaro

Are we all some kind of synaesthete?
Review of Aleksandra Maria Rogowska’s “Synaesthesia and Individual Differences” Review by James E. A. Hughes

Gigerenzer, Basic and Applied. Review of ‘Simply rational: Decision making in the real world.’ by Gerd Gigerenzer. Review by Joachim I. Krueger

Walden Three? Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in the Digital Age by Sherry Turkle. Penguin Press, 2015. 448 pages. Hardcover, $27.95. Review by Kathleen M. Cumiskey

AJP, 130.1, Spring 2017   Edited by Dominic W. Massaro

Tomasello Turns Back the Clock in: A natural history of human thinking. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2014. Review by Heidi L. Shaw. Matthew H. Scheel, and Allen Gardner

AJP, 130.2, Summer 2017   Edited by Dominic W. Massaro

Selling social psychology to the self help reader: a review of ‘The Wisest One in the Room: How You Can benefit from Social Psychology’s Most Powerful Insights,’ Thomas Gilovich and Lee Ross, Free Press: New York and London, (2016). Review by Richard Harper and Dave Randall.

Perspectives on Choice. Review of Choice by Richard Harper, Dave Randall, Wes Shamrock. Polity Books, Cambridge, England. Review by Thomas Gilovich and Lee Ross

Five Decades After Chomsky: An Experienced-Based Awakening. Creating Language: Integrating Evolution, Acquisition, and Processing (MIT Press) Mar 18, 2016 by Morten H. Christiansen and Nick Chater. Review by Dom Massaro

Rethinking autism’s past, present, and future: A review of Steve Silberman’s Neurotribes by Vikram K. Jaswal

Learning, Science, and Cutting Edge Methodology: A Review of the Cambridge Handbook of the Learning Sciences, Second Edition. Review by Lindsey E. Richland, University of Chicago,

Is Figurative Language the Final Frontier, or a Pit Stop Along the Way? Bilingual Figurative Language Processing. By Roberto R. Heredia and Anna B. Cieślicka (Eds). New York: Cambridge University Press, 2015, 418 pp. Review by Heather Bortfeld, University of California, Merced, 5200 North Lake Road, Merced, CA 95343,

AJP, 130.3, Fall, 2017   Edited by Dominic W. Massaro

Homo Anomalus: Richard Thaler’s Kuhnian Adventure Review of ‘Misbehaving: The making of behavioral economics. by Richard H. Thaler. Review by Joachim I. Krueger and Florian Kutzner

Review of The Wandering Mind: What the Brain Does when you’re not Looking. By Michael Corballis. Review by James M. Broadway. Email:

A prequel to influence. Review of ‘Pre-suasion: A revolutionary way to influence and persuade’ by Robert Cialdini. Review by Joachim I. Krueger, Brown University,

AJP, 130.4, Winter,  2017   Edited by Dominic W. Massaro

The Feeling of Meaning. Review of The Aesthetics of Emotion: Up the down staircase of the mind-body. Gerald C. Cupchik, Cambridge University Press, 2016. Review by Don M. Tucker.

Growing Up Racist. Review of “The Making of a Racist: A Southerner Reflects on Family, History and the Slave Trade” by Charles B. Dew. Review by Thomas F.  Pettigrew.

Rational Healing. Review of ‘Against empathy: The case for rational compassion. by Bloom, P. Review by Patrick R. Heck and Joachim I. Krueger.

Sarcasm in the Age of Trump. Review of John Haiman’s book, “Talk is Cheap: Sarcasm, Alienation, and the Evolution of Language” Oxford University Press; 1 edition (March 26, 1998). 0Review by Lacey X. Okonski

AJP, 131.1, Spring,  2018   Edited by Dominic W. Massaro

Episodic and semantic memory and imagination: The need for definitions
Review of Thinking About Human Memory. By Michael S. Humphreys and K. A. Chalmers. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2016. Review by Kourken Michaelian Email:

A New Type of Memory System or an Addition to an Old Memory System? Review of Kourken Michaelian’s Mental Time Travel: Episodic Memory and our Knowledge of the Personal Past. Cambridge MA; MIT Press, 2016, 312 pages, Hardback $USD 43.00. Review by Michael S. Humphreys1 and Kerry A. Chalmers

Much (Much) More Than Monkey Business :Book Review of Tomasello, M. (2016). A Natural History of Human Morality. Camb., MA: Harvard. Review by Jennifer Greenwood, School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry, University of Queensland, Australia.

The Payne of inequality. Review of ‘The broken ladder: How inequality affects the way we think, live, and die.’ by Keith Payne. Review by Joachim I. Krueger,

Understanding the allure and pitfalls of Chomsky’s science.A review of Decoding Chomsky by Chris Knight. 2016. Yale. Review by Gary Lupyan

How Not To Play The Game Of Psychological Inquiry. Review of The Seven Deadly Sins of Psychology: A Manifesto for Reforming the Culture of Scientific Practice by Chris Chambers, Princeton University Press, 2017. Review by Dom Massaro

AJP, 131.2, Summer 2018   Edited by Dominic W. Massaro

Moral Disengagement as a Psychological Construct. Review of Moral Disengagement by Albert Bandura. By Audun Dahl and Talia L. Waltzer
A Commentary on Moral Disengagement: The Rhetoric and the Reality by Albert Bandura
Reflections on Moral Disengagement: A Reply to Bandura by Audun Dahl and Talia Waltzer

Rationality and Type 1 Processing. Review of
Cognitive Unconscious and Human Rationality
Edited by Laura Macchi, Maria Bagassi, and Riccardo Viale. Review by Keith E. Stanovich

A new test for rationality: Contributions and Outstanding Issues.
Review of The Rationality Quotient. Toward a Test of Rational Thinking
By K.E. Stanovich, R.F. West, and M.E. Toplak, 2016, MIT Press.
Review by Laura Macchi and Maria Bagassi

Eminent Behavioral and Brain Scientists Share Insights Review of: Robert J. Sternberg, Susan J. Fiske, and Donald J. Foss, Scientists Making a Difference: One Hundred Eminent Behavioral and Brain Scientists Talk about Their Most Important Contributions, New York: Cambridge University Press, 2016. Review by Richard L. Zweigenhaft and Eugene Borgida

Collaborations in Psychology: What Works, What Doesn’t: Review of Collaboration in Psychological Science: Behind the Sciences Edited by Richard L. Zweigenhaft & Eugene Borgida (2016) Review by Robert J. Sternberg

GenMe are Coming: Book Review of Generation Me: Why today’s young Americans are more confident, assertive, entitled – and more miserable than ever before (2nd edition, 2014) by Jean M. Twenge Review by Yaron J. Zoller E-mail:

AJP, 131.3, Fall 2018   Edited by Dominic W. Massaro

The Dark Side of Mindfulness Review of ‘Mindlessness: The corruption of mindfulness in a culture of narcissism’ by Thomas Joiner Review by Joachim I. Krueger

The Thread: Commentary on Shaw, Scheel, and Gardner’s review of Michael Tomasello’s book, A Natural History of Human Thinking. Commentary by Bill Rowe,

Response to Rowe’s Commentary on Shaw, Scheel, and Gardner’s review of Michael Tomasello’s book, A Natural History of Human Thinking. Response by Heidi L. Shaw and Matthew H. Scheel: Email:

Secret Investigations Wanting Extra Perception. Review of The Secret History of the U.S. Government’s Investigations into Extrasensory Perception and Psychokinesis (2017) by Annie Jacobsen Little, Boston, MA: Little, Brown and Company. Review by Richard W. Bloom

AJP, 131.4, Winter 2018   Edited by Dominic W. Massaro

Benign illusions in a benevolent community of knowledge? Review of ‘The knowledge illusion: Why we never think alone’ by Steven Sloman and Philip Fernbach. Review by Dan Sperber & Hugo Mercier.

Reasoning as Collaboration. Review of The Enigma of Reason by Hugo Mercier (Author),‎ Dan Sperber (Author) Review by Steven Sloman, Brown University and Philip Fernbach, University of Colorado.

A New Paradigm for Behavioral Science. Review of Everybody Lies: Big Data, New Data, and What the Internet Can Tell Us About Who We Really Are by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz. Review by Dominic W. Massaro Massaro@ucsc.ed

How your smartphone was engineered to outsmart you. Review of Irresistible: The Rise of Addictive Technology and the Business of Keeping Us Hooked by Adam Alter. Penguin Press, 2017, Hardcover $27.00. 368 pages. Review by Judson Brewer . Email:

On Mindfulness as an Alternative to Mindless Modern Consumption. Review of Judson Brewer’s THE CRAVING MIND. Published by Yale University Press: New Haven, CT, on March 7, 2017. Review by Adam Alter. Email:

Review of Agustín Fuentes’ “The Creative Spark: How Imagination Made Humans Exceptional” By Kevin N Laland

Evolution, animal behavior, culture and the human mind: A review of “Darwin’s Unfinished Symphony: how culture made the human mind” By Kevin Laland Review by Agustin Fuentes

The Drama of Human Exceptionalism. Review of ‘The human instinct: How we evolved to have reason, consciousness, and free will’ by Kenneth R. Miller Review by Joachim I. Krueger.

AJP, 132.1 Spring 2019   Edited by Dominic W. Massaro

The Costs of overprotecting the young – iGen: Why Today’s Super-Connected Kids Are Growing Up Less Rebellious, More Tolerant, Less Happy–and Completely Unprepared for Adulthood–and What That Means for the Rest of Us by Jean M. Twenge (2017). Review by Yaron J. Zoller: E-mail:

A guided tour of mind and brain well worth taking Review of Our minds, our selves. A brief history of psychology. Keith Oatley, Princeton University Press: Princeton, NJ, (2018). Review by James E Alcock.

What should we believe? Review of Belief: What it means to believe and why our convictions are so compelling (2018)  by James E. Alcock. Review by Keith Oatley

On Making People.  Review of Behavioral Analysis (2018).  Max M. Houck (Editor), Cambridge, MA: Academic Press. Review by Richard W. Bloom.

AJP, 132.2 Summer 2019   Edited by Dominic W. Massaro

In Search of the Tell-Tale Heart Review of Detecting Concealed Information and Deception: Recent Development. by Peter Rosenfeld (Ed.). Cambridge, MA: Academic Press, 2018, 440 pp., ISBN: 978-0-12-812729-2, $125.00. Review by Richard W. Bloom,

By De ja vu: Let’s Celebrate the Unconscious. Review of Before You Know It: The Unconscious Reasons We Do What We Do by John Bargh (Author) Touchstone (October 17, 2017) Sold by: Simon and Schuster. Kindle Edition: $12.99 Hardcover: $11.16. Review by Dom Massaro,

The Return of the Death Instinct. Review of ‘Natural causes: An epidemic of wellness, the certainty of dying, and killing ourselves to live longer’ by Barbara Ehrenreich Review by Joachim I. Krueger,

Neuroscience of Intelligence or Neuroscience of g? A Review of The Neuroscience of Intelligence, by Richard J. Haier. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2017. Review by Robert Sternberg. email

Alive and Well, Intelligence Research on the Move. A Review of The Nature of Human Intelligence, edited by Robert J. Sternberg  New York: Cambridge University Press, 2018. Review by Richard J. Haier email

AJP, 132.3 Fall 2019   Edited by Dominic W. Massaro

Out with folk psychology, in with what? Review of The Mind is Flat by Nick Chater. Allen Lane 2018. Review  by Susan Blackmore and Emily Troscianko, December 2018.,

Consciousness Explored. A review of Blackmore, S. & Troscianko, E. T. (2018). Consciousness: An Introduction (Third Edition). Abingdon, UK: Routledge.Review by Nick Chater.

The Richness of Flatness. Review of the Mind Is Flat: The Remarkable Shallowness of the Improvising Brain by Nick Chater. Yale University Press. Review by Dom Massaro.

Is psychology a pseudoscience? Review of Kaufman, A. B. and Kaufman, J. C. (Eds.) “Pseudoscience: The conspiracy against science.” Review by Sam S. Rakover

Mentalistic explanations of organismic behavior: Fact or fiction?. Review of Sam S. Rakover (2018). How to explain behavior. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books. Review by Israel Nachson, Ph.D.,

Controlled Eccentricity. Review of ‘Rebel Talent: Why it pays to break the rules at work and in life’. by Francesca Gino. Review by Joachim I. Krueger.

AJP, 132.4 Winter 2019   Edited by Dominic W. Massaro

Expert Intuition Is Not Rational Choice. Review of Sources of Power by Gary Klein, 20th Anniversary Edition, Review by Gerd Gigerenzer, email:

Can you have effective decision making without expertise? Review of G. Gigerenzer (2015). Simply Rational: Decision making in the real world. Oxford University Press: Oxford, UK. Review by Gary Klein,

Psychology’s Mismeasurement Still Mismeasured. The Mismeasure of Minds: Debating Race and Intelligence between Brown and The Bell Curve by Michael E. Staub. Review by Richard W. Bloom,

Bringing Together Perception and Personality. Review of Aleksandra Maria Rogowska, Synaesthesia and Individual Differences (Cambridge University Press, 2015). Review by Carolyn Purnell, Independent Scholar,

Culture and psychology: Understanding the intersection, and trying to teach it. Review of Culture Across the Curriculum: A Psychology Teacher’s Handbook (2018). 561 pages; paper $39.99. By Kenneth D. Keith, New York: Cambridge University Press. Review by Daniel A. Wagner and Andrew P. Wu. email:

Knowledge: The Greatest Gift? Review of Learning as Development: Rethinking International Education in a Changing World (2018) by Daniel A. Wagner. Review by Kenneth D. Keith. email:

Experiencing Reality in Virtual Readlity (VR). Experience on Demand: What Virtual Reality Is, How It Works, and What It Can Do by Jeremy Bailenson. Review by Dom Massaro, email:

AJP, 133.1 Spring 2020  Edited by Dominic W. Massaro.

An admiring look at The Evolution of the Sensitive Soul: Learning and the Origins of Consciousness by Simona Ginsburg and Eva Jablonka. Review by Arthur S. Reber, email:

Are Your Cells Conscious? Review of The First Minds: Caterpillars, ‘Karyotes, and Consciousness by Arthur S. Reber. Oxford University Press 2018. Review by Simona Ginsburg1 and Eva Jablonka2, May 2019. The Open University of Israel  The Cohn Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas, Tel-Aviv University

How to Best Support Multilingual Families at Home and in School? Review of Children’s Multilingual Development and Education (2016) by Alison L. Bailey and Anna V. Osipova, Cambridge University Press. Review by Ellen Bialystok and Margot D. Sullivan. Email:

With the shadow of a doubt: Waiting for cognitive science to tell you unequivocally to maintain two languages into old age? For now at least, still do it for the grandkids. Review of Growing Old with Two Languages: Effects of Bilingualism on Cognitive Aging by Ellen Bialystok and Margot Sullivan (eds.), Amsterdam/Philadelphia, John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2017, 304 pp., ISBN 978 90 272 4195 5. Paperback, $54.00. Review by Alison L. Bailey & Anna V. Osipova. E-mail:, E-mail:

The Rehabilitation of Epicurus. Review of ‘Epicurus and the pleasant life: A philosophy of nature’ by Haris Dimitriadis. Review by Joachim I. Krueger

From Steel Mill to Mathematical Psychology: Exploiting Signaling in Education. Review of The Case against Education: Why the Education System Is a Waste of Time and Money by Bryan Caplan, Princeton University Press (January 30, 2018) Hardcover, $18.60. Review by Dom Massaro:

The Sensational Past and Present: How we use our Senses Today. Review of The Sensational PastHow the Enlightenment Changed the Way we use our Senses, by Carolyn Purnell. Review by Aleksandra M. Rogowska: email:


AJP, 133.2 Summer 2020  Edited by Dominic W. Massaro.

Bringing Order to the Disordered Mind. Review of The Disordered Mind, by Eric R. Kandel. Review by John E. Dowling. Harvard University, Cambridge MA  02138. Email:

A Brilliant Introduction to the Science of the Brain: A Review of Understanding the Brain: From Cells to Behavior to Cognition, by John Dowling. Review by Eric Kandel. Email:

A Review of Antonio Damasio’s Life, Feelings, and the Making of Cultures: The Strange Order of Things (2018, Vintage Press). Review by Arthur S. Reber. email:

Inside The Mind’s Maker-Space: A Review of The Nature of Human Creativity, edited by Robert J. Sternberg and James C. Kaufman. Review by Anthony Brandt. Email:

Humans as Natural Creators and Innovators: Review of The Runaway Species, by Anthony Brandt and David Eagleman. Review by Robert J. Sternberg and James C. Kaufman. email:

AJP, 133.3 Fall 2020  Edited by Dominic W. Massaro

The Marvelous Gadget. Review of Cognitive Gadgets by Cecilia Heyes. Review by Bill Rowe. Email:

My words fly up, my thoughts remain below. Words without thoughts never to heaven go. Review of Why Chimpanzees Can’t Learn Language and Only Humans Can (Leonard Hastings Schoff Lectures) by Herbert S. Terrace. Review by Dom Massaro. email:

UNHAPPINESS STUDIES. Kinds Come First: Age, Gender, Class, and Ethnicity Give Meaning to MeasuresBy Jerome Kagan. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2019. 216 pp. Hardcover $30.00. Review by Michael Staub. E-mail:

The  Fading  of a Bad  Idea: Review of The measure of minds By Michael E. Staub. Review by Jerome Kagan email:

Giving Cognition a Hand: A Review of Ellis’ (2018) Bodies and Other Objects: The Sensorimotor Foundations of Cognition. Review by Timothy Hubbard, email:

Embodied Space. A Review of Spatial Biases in Perception and Cognition. Edited By Timothy L. Hubbard. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2018. Review by Rob Ellis. Email:

Still Crazy after All These Years. Review of Psychiatry and Its Discontents by Andrew Scull. Oakland, California: University of California Press, 376 pp., ISBN: 9780520305496, $29.95. Review by Richard W. Bloom. email:

AJP, 133.4 Winter 2020  Edited by Dominic W. Massaro

The Phantom of the Omniscient Leader. Review of ‘Leader thinking skills: Capacities for contemporary leadership’ by Michael D. Mumford & C. A. Higgs, editors. Review by Joachim I. Krueger. email:

Giving Cognition a Hand: A Review of Ellis’ (2018) Bodies and Other Objects: The Sensorimotor Foundations of Cognition. Review by Timothy Hubbard, email:

Embodied Space. A Review of Spatial Biases in Perception and Cognition. Edited By Timothy L. Hubbard. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2018. Review by Rob Ellis. Email:

Re-enchanting the World – A review of Galileo’s Error – Foundations for a New Science of Consciousness by Philip Goff (2020). Review by Christof Koch. Email:

The Integrated Information Theory: Important Insights but Not a Complete Theory of Consciousness. lipThe Feelings of life Itself: Why Consciousness is Widespread but Can’t be Computed. By Christof Koch, Cambridge Massachusetts, MIT Press, 2019, pp. 241. Review by Philip Goff. Email:

Comprehensive Neuroscience Techniques of Understanding the Brain: Brain Organization, Experimental Design, and Research Methods. Review of Research Methods for Cognitive Neuroscience, by Aaron Newman. London: Sage, 2019. Review by Jianrong Zhao and Jin Zue. email:

On Being Insane in Sane Places? The Great Pretender: The Undercover Mission That Changed Our Understanding of Madness. By Susannah Cahalan. New York, NY: Oakland, California: Grand Central Publishing, 382 pp., ISBN: 9781538715284, $28.00. Review by Richard W. Bloom: email:

Who has faith (in attachment theory)? A Review of Attachment in Religion and Spirituality: A Wider View. By Pehr Granqvist (2020, Guilford Press). Review by Robbie Duschinsky

Crossing the Rubicon from the Social to the Biological Sciences. Reviewed work: Human Diversity: The Biology of Gender, Race, and Class by Charles Murray. Reviewed by Russell T. Warne. Email:

Extending Language Motivation Research and Pushing it Forward. Review of Contemporary Language Motivation Theory:  60 Years since Gardner and Lambert (1959), edited by Ali H. Al-Hoorie and Peter D. MacIntyre, Bristol: Multilingual Matters, 2019. Review by Zaibo Long and Jinfen Xu: email:

The Place of Fact in a World of Values: An Interpretation of Michael Wertheimer’s Memoirs, Facets of an Academic’s Life: A Memoir  Wiesbaden, Germany: Springer, 2020. 545 pp. Softcover, $39.88. Review by Wayne Viney. email:

AJP, 134.1 Spring 2021  Edited by Dominic W. Massaro

The ingredients of the creative mind: Review of Elkhonon Goldberg’s Creativity: The Human Brain in the Age of Innovation (2018, Oxford University Press). review by Anna Abraham: Email: (or)

Creativity Understood: From Neuromythology to Neuroscience. Review of “The Neuroscience of Creativity” by Anna Abraham. Review by Elkhonon Goldberg: Email:

The End of Overconfidence. Review of ‘Perfectly confident: How to calibrate your decisions wisely’ by Don A. Moore. Review by Joachim I. Krueger and Patrick R. Heck. email:

Straight Dope on Being Duped. Review of Duped: Truth-Default Theory and the Social Science of Lying and Deception. By Timothy R. Levine. Tuscaloosa, AL: University of Alabama Press, 364 pp., ISBN: 978-0-8173-5968-3, $34.95. Review by Richard W. Bloom. Email:

Inborn Ideas. Review of ‘The blind storyteller’ by Iris Berent. Review by Joachim I. Krueger. email:

Is intuitive psychology bad for psychology? Reply to Krueger by Iris Berent. email:

Beyond Dual- and Essentialism. Reply to Berent by Joachim I. Krueger. email:


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