Michael M Cohen

Michael M. Cohen

Michael M. Cohen is a research associate in the Perceptual Science Laboratory at the University of California – Santa Cruz. His research interests include speech perception and production, speechreading, information integration, learning, and computer facial animation. He received a BS in Computer Science and Psychology (1975) and an MS in Psychology (1979) from UW-Madison, and a PhD in Experimental Psychology (1984) from UC-Santa Cruz.

Consulting referee for Behavioral Research Methods and Instrumentation, Cognitive Science, Free Speech Journal, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, Journal of Phonetics, Journal of Experimental Psychology, Perception & Psychophysics, SIGGRAPH, Journal of Visualization and Computer Animation, IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, and NSF. NSF review panelist.

Email: mmcohen at ucsc.edu
Perceptual Science Laboratory
429G Social Sciences II, UC-Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz CA 95064, USA.
(831) 459-2655, (831) 459-3519 FAX


Internationalization of Synthetic Visual Speech


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Michael Cohen and Dominic Massaro from the University of California-Santa Cruz and Ron Cole, From the Univerity of Colorado, received the first InSTIL Prize for “Outstanding Lifetime Contribution to the Integration of Speech Technology in Language Learning”.

Selected Publications:

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