explore my world

explore my world

We have a new app called explore my world, which encourages toddlers and preschool children to engage their curiosity about their surrounding world. This easy-to-use app has both an intelligent camera and an intelligent microphone, which can be activated to view the written words for your child’s surroundings and for the speech that they say or they hear. Each word is presented with its spoken equivalent if the speaker is on. If the speaker is muted, only the written word is shown. The words are zoomed out and presented in a large and eye catching format to attract your child’s attention to the words and, therefore, create a more vivid experience, which will reinforce their learning to read the words. This is similar to how the child learns spoken language.

When the picture of the camera is touched, the device enters the camera mode. The child explores their surroundings by looking through the screen of the tablet and searching for a scene to photograph. The child takes a picture, which puts the picture on the screen. If the child wishes to explore the labels for the picture, the program accesses the internet to find word descriptors for the picture. These written words are presented one at a time. Each printed word for the picture is presented on the screen in large lowercase letters, and the word is zoomed out (made larger) to capture the child’s attention.

When the picture of the microphone is touched, the device shows a microphone and is in microphone mode. Touching one of the understand buttons changes the screen to red, which gives the instruction to start talking. The child, playmate, or caregiver says a phrase or sentence that will be automatically recognized. After the recording is complete, the screen turns blue and presents the first word of the utterance in the same manner as in the camera mode. The child touches the new button to see the next word and each additional word. By touching the say button, the child can have the word repeated. When all of the words in the utterance have been presented, the new button will recycle through the words once again. At any time, touching the large return button on the top left of the screen returns the child to the home screen.

It should be noted that the device does not permit any indecent or offensive words to be written on the screen or to be generated by the device.

The app is free and is available on both apple and android devices and can be found at